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Poll- Gamer server
Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:04 am by Jerms
Well- I think it's time to decide.
Poll in News section.
What game should Chill Gaming start a server for?
Garry's Mod
Counter Strike
*Click "Comments" to answer poll.

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 Grover's Epic Adventure

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PostSubject: Grover's Epic Adventure   Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:36 pm

[20:24] [CnW9] van helsing: lol bc hes like you? a chubby wubby
[20:24] [CnW9] Grover: get fucked man, im underweight
[20:24] [CnW9] Grover: hahaha
[20:25] [CnW9] Grover: Razz
[20:25] [CnW9] van helsing: thats why shale rejected you
[20:25] [CnW9] Grover: hahaha
-[sic ...]-
[20:27] [CnW9] van helsing: stick it in her ass, thats all she wants
[20:27] [CnW9] Grover: haha
[20:27] [CnW9] van helsing: you and jerms, tag team that bitch
[20:27] [CnW9] Grover: i wouldnt go near that with a six foot pole
[20:27] [CnW9] Grover: haha
[20:27] [CnW9] Grover: jerms can have her
[20:27] [CnW9] Grover: haha
[20:27] [CnW9] Grover: you know what juff said to me today.
[20:27] [CnW9] van helsing: put it in her ass?
-[edit: Oh yeah, I necro'd that reply lol!]
[20:28] [CnW9] Grover: hahaha
[20:28] [CnW9] Grover: i rofled
[20:28] [CnW9] van helsing: lol
[20:28] [CnW9] Grover: then i vomited abit
[20:29] [CnW9] Grover: eww..
-[sic ...]
[20:31] [CnW9] van helsing: did u [PG13, ty] her on the beach
[20:31] [CnW9] Grover: dude.
[20:31] [CnW9] Grover: no,
[20:31] [CnW9] Grover: hahaha
[20:31] [CnW9] van helsing: i guarantee if i met this chick, id destroy that
[20:31] [CnW9] Grover: oh dude.
[20:31] [CnW9] van helsing: she wouldnt sit down for a week
[20:31] [CnW9] Grover: i dont doubt that
[20:31] [CnW9] Grover: hahaha
[20:31] [CnW9] van helsing: [PG13, ty]
[20:32] [CnW9] Grover: .....
[20:32] [CnW9] Grover: the images...
[20:32] [CnW9] Grover: they burn
[20:32] [CnW9] Grover: hahaha
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Grover's Epic Adventure
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