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Poll- Gamer server
Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:04 am by Jerms
Well- I think it's time to decide.
Poll in News section.
What game should Chill Gaming start a server for?
Garry's Mod
Counter Strike
*Click "Comments" to answer poll.

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 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. -- A.R.M.O.R.Y.

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PostSubject: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. -- A.R.M.O.R.Y.   Tue May 11, 2010 3:21 pm

If you desire pictures SOOO badly, I can screenshot a few lol. But I can just put them in Xfire.

Main Loadout:

Bulat Armored Suit (7.20kg)
'This modern military armored suit is designed for assault operations in anomalous areas. Comprises a PSZ-12p heavy military suit, built-in compensation suit, and an anomalous protection bodysuit. The armor provides excellent protection against bullet and fragmentation damage, without greatly reducing the wearer's mobility. Does not come with an artifact container.'

The main upgrades are +10kg weight since it comes 50kg carry standard - the 10kg makes a larger difference. I also use the Gravi and walk around with 72kg carry weight (after the major mod)
The other one is a Tier3 (so not before you're in Pripyat) which gives 2 artifact containers.

Bubble -4 Radiation
Gravi +8kg & +2 Radiation

GP37 (RL: G36K) 5.56x45 NATO rounds.
Around 300-800 bullets

Viper5 (RL: MP5 Navy) 9x18mm converted from 9x19mm
Around 500-600 bullets

10x Bandages
10x Med-Kits (cheapo ones)
10x Steriods (+20kg carry for 300s)
5x Cossack's Vodka
5x Anti-Rad Drugs
10x Energy Drinks
10x Bread

Primarily this is quest gear, or just random hunting gear. The MP5 is very effective for killing CQC beasts but dont use it on Bloodsuckers or Chimera's because it wont end pretty.

Sniper Rifle:
Lynx (SVD) from Nimble, already has *perfect* accuracy and damage -- I'll be taking this puppy into Pripyat Underground when I decide to go. Have about 200 bullets stockpiled so should be enough.

Machine Gun:
RP-74. Yes. The grand poobar of the STALKER series. The RP-74 lays down loads of fire, and loads of bullets. Its perfect for faction warring (none take place in CoP...its a joke) or just mowing down that Bloodsucker lair! I havn't started upgrading it, since its useless before Pripyat.

Vintar BC! Scar (the main guy in CS) is back! There's also a 'special' Vintar in Pripyat that loosely connected Scar to being in Pripyat (not confirmed but very suspicious that a main Monolith guy has a Vintar!)

SGI-5k (RL: Sig-550 Commando) One of the better guns, after Tier 2s are done it's better than the G36 (all bar accuracy) and weights slightly more 0.03kg. There's a special 'Strelok's SIG-550' that you can get via a special UAV quest!

The TRS-301 and again I AR (assault rifle modded) the bastard! Will spit 40x 5.56x45s in a second or two. Very effective for fighting AI STALKERS, just rips them to shreds from close range. I've taken down 8-10 Exosuit Mercs without any problems in Jupiter Plant!

'Eliminator' is a shotgun designed to F*** S*** UP! Seriously. With proper upgrades, 12x 12x70 buck shots can be dispensed autmoatically with some fairly good accuracy. Probably a favourite among STALKERs now, and for good reason. It's the best mutant gun around and has one of the most common ammos known to STALKERs!! Look for this to be ported to ShoC (maybe, but unlikely)

FT-200M fans of STALKERs gone by will known this gun well. After finishing the Chernoybl NPP (ShoC) or entering Limansk (CS) youll get this gun in good supply. Intergrated 40mm Grenade Launcher and built-in 1.6x scope. No silence allowed in CoP which is the only drawback but still a top level gun for non-stealth missions!

Lastly, I shall leave you a pretty little glitch I got. Nitro (Yanov Station's mechanic) drank too much Vodka one night!
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. -- A.R.M.O.R.Y.
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