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Poll- Gamer server
Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:04 am by Jerms
Well- I think it's time to decide.
Poll in News section.
What game should Chill Gaming start a server for?
Garry's Mod
Counter Strike
*Click "Comments" to answer poll.

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 well well well

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PostSubject: well well well   Thu May 06, 2010 3:38 pm

This is an xfire conversation between Jermy and I -- its about how Penguins would go about mobilizing an army to sink Aussie subs!! Enjoy!!

(Note: certain parts may/might have been edited, in no way has the story been edited...i will denote where edits have occured!)

[20:22] [CnW9] van helsing: spose if ur 1 of 3 walking...ur boned regardless...just pray you dont get SAM'd lol
[20:22] [CnW9] Jerms: Do you happen to be flying?
[20:22] [CnW9] van helsing: dont ask why a soldier gets a SAM missile either
[20:22] [CnW9] Jerms: Yeah hahaha
[20:23] [CnW9] van helsing: someone at the taliban cant aim...
[20:23] [CnW9] Jerms: well; in theory, it could happen.
[20:23] [CnW9] Jerms: But in theory, nuclear fusion is possible. So...you know.
[20:23] [CnW9] van helsing: SAMs still a missile...u can fire at ground targets, but its designed for planes
[20:23] [CnW9] Jerms: Yeah
[20:23] [CnW9] Jerms: Hence the whole "Surface to Air Missle"
[20:23] [CnW9] van helsing: oh snap! thought it was named after Serious Sam!! lol
[20:24] [CnW9] Jerms: Im saying, the purposeful aiming at a group of 3 soliders is pretty fucking crazy haha.
[20:24] [CnW9] Jerms: ahaha
[20:24] [CnW9] van helsing: maybe the call it a sub, not bc its a 1 foot sandwhich but its submerged under water?
[20:24] [CnW9] Jerms: That would be gross
[20:24] [CnW9] Jerms: Wet bread is so bad
[20:24] [CnW9] Jerms: Foul shit.
[20:24] [CnW9] van helsing: riding one a 1 foot sandwhich 300ft under the water would be epic luls
[20:24] [CnW9] van helsing: its powered by CHEESE!
[20:24] [CnW9] Jerms: I used to want to be a technician in a submarine ;D
[20:25] [CnW9] Jerms: Not too long ago actually
[20:25] [CnW9] van helsing: urgh...navy is a branch i never want to be with
[20:25] [CnW9] Jerms: I know a bunch of guys in it, they love it.
[20:25] [CnW9] van helsing: sitting on the ocean floor, knowing ur fucked...not a pretty picture
[20:25] [CnW9] van helsing: maybe if it was a nuke sub...just blow up the reactor...fuck diesels
[20:25] [CnW9] Jerms: Australian army? Haha, who is going to sink us? Ktuhulu?
[20:26] [CnW9] van helsing: icebergs Wink lol
[20:26] [CnW9] van helsing: or some drunk kiwi sub...
[20:26] [CnW9] van helsing: perguins might have cruise missiles?
[20:26] [CnW9] Jerms: I hope so.
[20:26] [CnW9] Jerms: That would be awesome.
[20:26] [CnW9] van helsing: penguins?
[20:26] [CnW9] Jerms: That would be a great way to die
[20:26] [CnW9] van helsing: penguins got ICBMs ftw
[20:26] [CnW9] Jerms: 'Penguin sunk my submarine"
[20:26] [CnW9] Jerms: "FUCK! NOT AGAIN!"
[20:26] [CnW9] Jerms: Imagine the news report
[20:26] [CnW9] Jerms: Win.
[20:27] [CnW9] van helsing: remember the simpsons...homer stole the sub?
[20:27] [CnW9] Jerms: haha yeah
[20:27] [CnW9] van helsing: the penguins own a friget!
[20:27] [CnW9] Jerms: Oh yeah!
[20:27] [CnW9] Jerms: Thats right
[20:27] [CnW9] Jerms: hahaha
[20:27] [CnW9] Jerms: epic
[20:27] [CnW9] van helsing: where the fuck do they hide taht shit? and how the fuck do they fix shit...theres no thumbs!
[20:27] [CnW9] Jerms: I assume magic.
[20:27] [CnW9] van helsing: they arnt known for their mobility either...rofl
[20:28] [CnW9] Jerms: penguins? Penguins can swim very, very fast.
[20:28] [CnW9] van helsing: yeah but on land...on a battleship....
[20:28] [CnW9] Jerms: Yeah
[20:28] [CnW9] Jerms: Not so great
[20:28] [CnW9] van helsing: they cant scramble to their planes very fast
[20:28] [CnW9] Jerms: No...not vey fast at all
[20:29] [CnW9] Jerms: Also. Penguins cant fly.
[20:29] [CnW9] Jerms: (SeewhatIdidthar?)
[20:29] [CnW9] van helsing: lol
[20:29] [CnW9] van helsing: if they flapped harder...maybe
[20:29] [CnW9] van helsing: they just arnt using enough force to displace their weights
[20:30] [CnW9] Jerms: also. They dont have the appropriate feather aragnements to create an areofoil effect.
[20:30] [CnW9] Jerms: So, it would be a very short flight.
[20:30] [CnW9] van helsing: lol more like a faceplant
[20:30] [CnW9] Jerms: Yeah.
[20:31] [CnW9] Jerms: Or that.
[20:31] [CnW9] Jerms: Zomg
[20:31] [CnW9] Jerms: I want to see a penguin faceplant

basically after this a youtube was linked, some luls happened and convo went else where Razz
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well well well
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