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Poll- Gamer server
Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:04 am by Jerms
Well- I think it's time to decide.
Poll in News section.
What game should Chill Gaming start a server for?
Garry's Mod
Counter Strike
*Click "Comments" to answer poll.

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 Problems: Are they simpler than you think?

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PostSubject: Problems: Are they simpler than you think?   Sat May 01, 2010 3:09 am

Firstly, a little insight

Okay so here's the little problem I've had with my signature since I signed up on this forum. It simply didn't show up.

Myself wrote:
Can you see my signature? Because I can't

Let me know. I think I have transparency in the picture, so maybe I should get rid
of that. I'll try a couple of things. (If I fix this I'll make thread for everyone)

Under this line is my old one and link so if It shows up I don't know what's going on:

My new one which will hopefully replace it because it's better:

Just clicked preview and I'm like WTF. Maybe there's a setting somewhere that's screwing this up.

Hah, so I was thinking in my head "Finally, I must go to someone else for help...wonder what it'll be like...?" but more-so thinking that maybe the use of Transparency in a signature doesn't turn out, or that maybe it was because the picture was PNG, but with what I know, a PNG should be one of the best formats for use in a forum.

Okay so I get to my point now:

Here's a bit of wisdom that was reinforced just this morning.

Things are most probably simpler than you think.

check your profile preferences, check all possible options before you think it's some glitch or something complicated.

I merely didn't have "Always attach signature" enabled in the preferences.

So yeah! If you run into a problem on the forum, or maybe even anything in life I guess it's true to water down what you're thinking and start with the basics.

Just read page 4, line 345 of my book!
Persistence of Idiocy by ZombiesRus wrote:

Learning from others' mistakes is both quicker and and less shameful than learning from your own.

- ZombiesRus

Mao-y Christmas, Comrades!
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PostSubject: Re: Problems: Are they simpler than you think?   Sat May 01, 2010 5:10 am

First of all thanks for the info Zombies, I had a similar problem when I first got my sig I was always manually putting it in because I to didn't notice the always attach sig box.

I'd also like to add that if you do not want to always attach your sig, in the options panel when you make a post there is a box that says "attach signature" tick it and your sig will appear!

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PostSubject: Re: Problems: Are they simpler than you think?   Sat May 01, 2010 5:39 am

Ah, the wonderful preferences error. People often forget to think about these sort of things; it's an easy mistake to make. So we can all learn from this; before you jump to fix something; have a little look around at other possibilities Very Happy A lesson well learned. A good example of how much time you can save-

I spent 3 days trying to fix my PC from restarting over and over again every time I turned it on; I assumed it was a Startup hardware error, I spent hours browsing over the setup menu. So fixated on what I believed to be wrong; I did not think "Maybe something is loose?"....after finally giving up; I looked into my PC and basically just moved things; because on first sight- nothing was wrong. Well, on 2nd sight..I accidently bumped one of my Ram Sticks; and it fell out...so...I picked it up; put the heat spreader on properly (Turns out it was stopping it from going in 100%) and pressed the on button. I then finished Half Life 2: Episode 2 that arfternoon. 3 days. No joke.

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PostSubject: Re: Problems: Are they simpler than you think?   Sat May 01, 2010 6:55 am

Haha You Finaly got it, congratz Zombie
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PostSubject: Re: Problems: Are they simpler than you think?   

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Problems: Are they simpler than you think?
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